Sunday, September 12, 2010

Walt Palmer

Walt Palmer with his 175 lb Leopard taken with hounds in Zimbabwe
Mid summer has again been a busy season for me, I have been in the field most of July,August and September.
Africa ,Nevada as well as California were the focus for the hunts and the unique thing this season was, good friend and client Walt Palmer has been the client for all three areas.
We hunted Zimbabwe in July and part of August , taking a huge leopard with a skull measurement that will put it high in the SCI record book for archery.
During the safari we changed concessions and Walt took several plainsgame species as well.

Late August found us looking at sheep in the Nevada mountains in the northern part of the state.
Walt purchase the Nevada Govenor's California Bighorn tag at the Bighorn Dinner Auction in Reno this past spring.
After countless days of preseason scouting by Cary Jellison , Randall Stoeberl and Gary Coleman ,,Walt was holding the horns of a possiable New Nevada State Archery Record Ram....

Walt Palmer with his Nevada  California Bighorn

From there we departed to California where we would hunt Roosevelt Elk.
Walt bought the California MDF Fundraiser Tag at a dinner in San Jose,Ca.
with hopes to take a B&C bull...
Sometimes things are just ment to be.
One more to go, this record bood Roosevelt elk puts Walt to needing only one more animal qualifing for P&Y and he will have achieved a long difficult quest of harvesting every species of North Americian Big game to make the Pope & Young Record Book!!!!
The first evening Cary and I had Walt on a bull just as the sun was beginning to set, it only took a few cow calls and the bull was within bow range and another outstanding trophy had been taken...